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7 Benefits of a Companion Animal In Addiction Recovery

Animals are wonderful – especially those who act as our companions, and during addiction recovery, a companion animal has many benefits. Dogs and cats are always there for us when we arrive home and are so excited to see us. Whether we are sad, hurting, angry, happy, or ill, our pets seem to know. And,

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How to Stay Sober in Los Angeles and Southern California - Lakehouse Sober Living

How to Stay Sober in Southern California

When you’re in recovery, it can be very difficult to remain sober, especially in Los Angeles. If you’re in recovery, remember these tips on how to stay sober. Many people come to Southern California to make it big. Others come for the ocean and laid-back attitude. And, yet others come to get sober. Whether you

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Finding a Sober Living House | Lakehouse Sober Living

Sober Homes vs. Addiction Treatment: What’s the Difference?

Becoming sober involves many aspects and processes; including both addiction treatment and sober homes. But what is the difference between these two? Should you do both? When it comes to confronting your addiction, you want the best chance for success possible, right? Far too often, we read stories of an addict – or know one

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