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About The Lakehouse Sober Living Community

The Lakehouse Sober Living Community at Our Stonesgate Garden Sober Home | Lakehouse Sober Living
The Lakehouse sober living home at Stonesgate Gardens in Westlake Village, CA, was created for women seeking recovery in a safe, secure, and supportive living environment. With an emphasis on building self-worth, teamwork and goal setting, Stonesgate Gardens offers a structured program conducive to long-term recovery and growth.

Long-term recovery does not happen solely in treatment. Treatment is treatment. Whether it is 30 days, 60 days, 90 days or more. Recovery happens after our women leave the walls of the defended castle. It may not always be easy, but most men and women in recovery, within a structured and supervised sober living community, find sobriety sustainable. Temptations have been removed. The real challenge occurs when the drawbridge is lowered and we again venture out into the real world to face our old dragons: stressful jobs, strained relationships, the wreckage of our past. It is here that the rubber meets the road. Our structured sober living community and program is instrumental in full recovery.

Our goal is to help our women create a support system for themselves that is sustainable. And more than sustainable, or rather for it to be sustainable, it must be attractive to them. All programs of recovery must be programs of attraction. It is for this reason that we have surrounded our clients with a staff composed of women successful in recovery themselves - so that they may see for themselves, close up, firsthand how a sober woman manages her stress, confrontations, joy and humor! The palliative effect of seeing another woman in recovery, enjoying her life, is monumental!

We look for women who want to change and are willing to do the work. This is not a place to dry out. This is not a spa. Although the setting is lovely, we are looking for women who are committed to a lifestyle change.

Our sober living home for women is located a half block away from our Recovery Center, and adjacent to Thousand Oaks and Agoura Hills California; a few minutes from Newbury Park, Simi Valley, Moorpark and Hidden Hills. Walking and bicycle trails abound. Movie theaters, fine restaurants and places to escape pepper this upscale community. It is also equine country and 15 minutes from the beaches in Malibu! Weekly outings allow our residents to relax and unwind. The mood in the house can be meditative, but also Joyous. Laughter is, after all, the best medicine!

History of Stonesgate Gardens Sober Living Community

We support a holistic approach to recovery, offering to heal the body, mind, and spirit!

Originally an adjunct to the Lakehouse Recovery Center, the sober living home was originally available to both men and women. In November 2018 the home was transitioned to all women. The nearby Lakehouse IOP (intensive outpatient program), is attended by many of the women at the home. It is within walking distance of Stonesgate.

In counterpoint to the clinical program that offers a variety of treatment modalities including group and individual therapy, trauma work, EMDR, workshops, family counseling, Case Management and much more, the sober living community, nestled in a lovely home setting is decidedly non-institutional. Many women bring their pets as the home is pet-friendly. It’s a lovely home, well appointed and generates a warmth that is unmistakable.

But aside from its amenities, the program is structured and boundaried. We are unabashedly 12 step modeled. AA or NA only works if you want to work it and if somebody would like to try a different program we are entirely open to that as well.

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