What You Should Look for in a Recovery House

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What You Should Look for in a Recovery House

Choosing a recovery house is an important step after leaving addiction treatment. Here’s what to look for in a quality sober home.

Making the choice to move into a sober living house is not something you should take lightly. After all, you likely mustered up a lot of courage just to get this far. That’s why choosing the home that is right for you is very important.

Not only will this be the place that will help you kick off your entrance into a new, sober life, but it will also be where you will gain the tools and skills that may either make or break your sobriety.

In other words, don’t just choose any recovery house. Instead, know what you are looking for. That way you will feel confident and empowered to face your new beginnings.

When you are ready, here is what you should be looking for:


A Recovery House with Structure

Having structure is necessary when it comes to successfully maintaining a sober life. Free time is always healthy to have in your life. But, when you have too much of this idle time, you will find that the correlation between free time and relapse is very real.

A house that offers structure is one where you can learn to appreciate waking up and facing each new day.

  • You are given a purpose and a plan.
  • There is no wandering aimlessly trying to make sense of your new, sober life.

Instead, you have an outline or itinerary for your day before it even arrives.

The structure you will encounter in a sober living environment will often give you increased freedom as you grow in your skills, responsibility, and sobriety.


A House That Provides Comfort and Amenities

Making the choice to move into a recovery house does not mean you should have to give up comfort or any perks or amenities that make life a bit easier.

Sober homes are not about making your life rough. In fact, they prefer the opposite.

When deciding on a home that fits your needs, make sure you take a look at the residences and discover the amenities they offer.

Some, of course, will offer more than others. But, since you know what is important to you, then you know what to look for.

Some amenities you may find are:

  • Pool and/or serenity gardens
  • Private rooms
  • Deliberately designed residences created for your comfort
  • Focus on arts or spirituality
  • Vocational training
  • Pets


Plus, keep in mind that sober homes may or may not be co-ed. If you have a preference, pay attention to this. Remember – you are going to be there to work on you.

You cannot do that if you are looking for attention from the opposite sex or seeking a relationship. Some individuals prefer co-ed, for others, it can lead to great distraction.


A Home With Personal Responsibility and Expectations

Just as a successful sober living facility will come with structure, it will also give you responsibility.

There will be things that you are expected to do – and others are expected not to do.

  • For example, having set chores is often a big part of living in sober housing. Completing these chores, however, and following the rules is what leads you to be awarded more freedom.
  • Another example is setting personal goals and following through with them. This may be applying for jobs, finishing your education, and so forth.

Living in a recovery house is simply a stepping stone for your sober future. Therefore, it is important that you learn to be accountable for the actions you take.


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A Sober Living Support Team

Imagine stepping back into life sober and alone. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? This is why a support team is so important.

A healthy recovery house will have a solid support team that runs the day-to-day operations of the house.

It will also encourage and empower the residents to form a support system within itself. Knowing that you have all of this behind you makes taking steps and forward movements a bit easier – and less intimidating.

Creating an atmosphere of support and acceptance means that the people you meet while in recovery could be integral parts of your life for years to come.


A Home in an Ideal Location

There are sober living recovery homes all over the country. That means you have your choice of where you’d like to go.

When choosing, be sure to choose the sober home that is in an ideal location. Some thoughts to ponder:

  • Choosing a sober home in the city you currently reside in may leave you more vulnerable to all your old friends and frequented places. However, if you plan on residing here, then perhaps it’d be easier to enter sobriety with the strength of a sober home behind you.
  • If you are looking for a change in locale, then choose somewhere that will likely lift your mood and bring feelings of joy and contentment. Sunny, tropical climates can promote this healing.
  • Sometimes distancing yourself from friends, family, and everything you know can allow you the opportunity to be molded back whole again.

You can go anywhere you want to go. Just be sure to think through your reasoning first.


A Recovery House with a Clearly Defined Philosophy

Last, but not least, the recovery house you choose should have a very well-defined philosophy. They should know what it is they stand for – and how they intend to achieve it.

You should be able to hear the success stories and powerful mission behind those who have been there and/or facilitate the direction.

If a sober living facility doesn’t know how they are going to successfully help you, you may find yourself dealing with a serious situation.



Making the choice to head to a sober living house after treatment is a great way to kick off life as a newly sober individual.

However, making sure that the home has a few key factors can greatly increase your chances for a successful recovery.

Don’t leave yourself susceptible. Know what you are looking for – and find a home that fits you.


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